News November 2013: The new Nordlund 111' Yachtfisher launched August 23rd and you can view photos here:
Nordlund 111' Launch day
Nordlund 111' Exterior slide show 1
Nordlund 111' Exterior slide show 2
Nordlund 111' Interior slide show

Also, the new 115 is expected to launch in Spring 2014. And the new shallow draft long range cruiser 106 will launch by early summer 2014. More info is available on the Projects page.

If you're new to Nordlund boats, you may want to know what's different about us.

Well first of all, many of the boats we build are for owners who have owned a Nordlund before. We think that says a lot about how well we build our boats.

Nordlund owners tend to be very experienced boaters. They know exactly what they want. Trouble is, they can't always find it. Not all in one boat anyway. So that's where we come in.

We build boats that are 100% custom. If you can describe it, and the naval architects can draw it, we can build it. And when it's done, it'll be the boat you couldn't find anywhere else.

Sound interesting? Good. We like working with people who know boats. People who appreciate the subtle differences between a good boat, and a great one. Read on and let's see if we might build a great one together.

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2013 Yachts under Construction

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Naval Architect: R. Edwin Monk Naval Architect

Structural Design: Tim Nolan Marine Design









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