60 Years of Nordlund

60 Years of Nordlund

FOUNDED IN 1958 by

Over 60 Years of Custom Boat Work

Founded in 1958 by Norm Nordlund and his wife Phyllis, Nordlund began as a family owned and family run boat yard. His sons, Paul and Gary Nordlund grew up in the boat building profession and provided the leadership and inspiration for the boats created here. Their legacy includes having assembled one of the most talented crews of boat craftsmen you are likely to find in any of the marine yards in the U.S., Asia or Europe. Today we’re proud to have over 60 years of experience in repairing, refitting and building custom boats for experienced boat owners.

Our History



After working for Martinac and doing ship repairs for the Navy in WW II, Norm and Phyllis Nordlund founded Nordlund Boat Company.


Building Custom Yachts

Norm and his talented crew focused on building custom yachts and commercial fishing boats.


Adoption of Fiberglass

The last wooden boat was built at Nordlund - they entered the new world of boat building thanks to fiberglass.


Paul & Gary Nordlund Join

The sons of Norm Nordlund, Paul and Gary Nordlund began working at Nordlund full time after graduating from Washington State University.


Norm Nordlund Retires

Norm continued working at Nordlund into his late 60's. Paul and Gary soon would take over the company.


Captain Jason Machovsky

Jason Machovsky becomes the captain of a Nordlund hybrid yacht called Tigress.


30 years of custom boat building

For 30 years, Paul and Gary Nordlund built numerous custom one-of-a-kind yachts and have constructed many refits.

The Cazador

115' Yachtfisher

Jason Machovsky becomes a regular visitor at Nordlund Boat Co. while planning the build of the new 115' yacht fisher he'll soon captain.


New Ownership

During the end of Summer 2021, Jason Machovsky officially becomes the new CEO of Nordlund Boat Co. shifting the company as a ship yard open to all.

For the next 60 years

Captain Jason Machovsky

In 2021, Captain Jason Machovsky took the helm of the Nordlund Boat Co. as the new owner and Chief Executive Officer. It was unanimous among Gary and Paul Nordlund, staff and community members that he was the most fitting and natural choice to continue the Nordlund legacy. Jason’s history with Nordlund began in 1998 as captain of the 86-foot Nordlund built Tigress. He spent more than a decade running the Tigress from South America to Alaska before the owner decided to embark on the journey of building a new custom built Nordlund. 

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Over the three years of building the Cazador, Jason became an almost permanent fixture at the Nordlund shipyard overseeing every step of the design and build process from initial concept to final launch on behalf of the new Cazador’s owner. This experience gave him ample time to learn the business of Nordlund and bond with the team.


In 2021 when Paul and Gary decided to exit their long and successful period of ownership and management they extended the offer to purchase Nordlund, confident that Jason was the man to steer Nordlund through the next 60 years of excellence. 


Our crew consists of a diverse group of craftsmen and team members with a passion for naval design and construction.

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