Mechanical Equipment

The Nordlund mechanical department is responsible for configuring, customizing, installing, maintaining, and commissioning all types of on-board equipment including propulsion, climate control, water, sanitation and motor assisted equipment.

Propulsion & Power Unit

Our mechanical team is specialised in maintenance, repairs, and replacement of every element of boat propulsion and steering systems including engine and transmission, shafting, Cutless bearing replacement, struts, propellers removal and installation, shaft seals, alignments, rudder bearings, and rudder seals.

Maintenance & Repairs

Maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing all kinds of naval equipment and mechanical systems has been a core Nordlund service for over 60 years. Our decades of real-case experience allows us to efficiently identify and solve such issues for our customers.

Installation, service, & Sales of Steelhead Marine davits.

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haul out service

Our mechanical team is responsible for the operation of our overseas travel lift  (220,000 lbs max), carefully and professionally hauling, moving, and blocking the boats. They conduct pressure washing, applying bottom paint, applying PropSpeed to props, shafts and all other underwater components.

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