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Luxury Ready
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Experience adventures beyond the one day fishing trip. At Nordlund, we specialize in the evolved West Coast style sport fisher, ready to travel to further, reaching sought after fishing destinations in Mexico or Central America.

Your Vision, our Expertise

Our mission is to understand your desires, transmitting them through our team of master boat builders to achieve a final product that exceeds your expectations.

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Equipped with more lodging for guests and crew, larger fuel capacity, redundant systems for power and water, Nordlund yachts are designed to carry guests from Alaskan coves to the Panama Canal in luxury and uncompromising security.

A vessel for memories

Nordlund owners create some of their best memories exploring, sightseeing and bonding while enjoying the luxury of a yacht built for their unique style and usage.

A bespoke yacht as individual
as its owner.

Full Custom Yacht Design

The architecture of every Nordlund yacht is the translation of each owner’s tastes, sensibilities and intended use. Over the years we have built yachts up to 115ft, each with a unique style and design.

30 Years of Design
with Ed Monk Jr.

Naval Architect

World renowned naval architect Ed Monk Jr. has envisioned over 150 yachts for industry leading yacht builders in the American and Europe. His keen eye for form and line is responsible for the timeless elegance of Nordlund yachts as well as their uncompromising luxury and practicality.


Form must follow function, so every design is a careful study in compromise where every detail is strategically designed by licensed naval architects and engineers.

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