Carpentry & Joinery

Master Carpenters

Our carpenters build the custom furniture and interiors for our Nordlund signature yachts as well as countless remodel projects.

Wood construction & Finishing

As custom boat builders we are experts in constructing sophisticated joinery and architectural structures.

Repairs & Restoration

The marine environment can be especially damaging to wood elements. From water damaged structures to compromised decorative elements, we can fix, rebuild or refinish any wood element.

Custom Interiors

Gracious kitchens, clever storage solutions, or beautiful wood accents – our carpentry team hand-builds custom interiors that elevate the experience of your time aboard. Our expertise lies in translating plans into final products and delivering elegant results that are as practical as they are luxurious.

Fine Craftsmanship

Wood is a wonderful material that adds warmth and beauty. If left in the elements without maintenance it is unfortunately susceptible to damage. Our craftsmen are experts in repairing and restoring fine wood elements back to their original state.

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