Exceptional Craftsmanship

Yacht Construction

The essence of custom boat building is to do things that have never been done before. We work collaboratively with an openness to find new ways to answer clients’ requests. Each Nordlund yacht is hand-crafted and finished to the last detail in-house.

Project Management

We bring decades of practical experience in boat building, applied at every shipyard level. This experience is a tangible asset in producing a final quality product, giving owners peace of mind that their yachts will be delivered on time and as envisioned.

Expert Fabricators

Nordlund Boat Company integrated vacuum-infused technology in custom boat construction very early on. This ability to design, cast custom molds, and produce different hull designs allows us to create the optimal foundation for every build.

Handmade to the last detail

Our shipyard workshops are staffed with expert fabricators who custom-make every element of a Nordlund Yacht. The final product is seamlessly integrated into complete functional and aesthetic harmony.

A highly-skilled team with decades of experience

Our dedicated crew is made up of passionate craftsmen that welcome a challenge. Thanks to their expertise, we can take on the most complex projects and put truly unique vessels on the water.

Interior Design

A Nordlund Yacht is the realization of a client’s dream. The interior is an expression of their style and taste. Our interior design team carefully curates each interior to be as functional as it is beautiful.

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