NORDLUND Custom Yacht Building


The Nordlund client is experienced, with high expectations, and knows what they want. They are looking for something very custom and very elevated. Every Nordlund Yacht is a unique, one-off creation. Like original art, it will never be re-produced or found commercially.

Seaworthy Vessels


Each Nordlund yacht is entirely custom designed and built. Everything from hull design to the general arrangement is tailored to deliver the best product possible for their specific usage.

Ready for Exploration

Nordlund yachts are built for the ultimate voyages. They are made for thousands of nautical-mile adventures, carrying guests in maximum comfort and security.

Built for life

Our yachts are handed down through generations and passed between owners. Timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship ensure their longevity.

Dream to Reality

Naval Architecture

Yachts as original as their owners

A custom-designed yacht is simply a different experience. From size and layout to finishes and one-off features, we translate your ideas to build-ready plans for your dream yacht.

Naval Engineering

Optimized in every way

Every design is a careful study of compromise, where every detail is strategically designed by licensed naval architects and engineers.


Handmade by expert boat builders

Each Nordlund yacht is hand-crafted and finished to the last detail in-house. Our talented and experienced fabricators have the expertise to execute large-scale, complex projects.

Interior Design

Bespoke Luxury Yacht Interiors

A Nordlund Yacht is the outcome of a client’s dream. The interior is an expression of their personal style and taste. Our interior design team will bring the client’s individualism to life.


Built for Life

Those who endeavor to create a one-of-a-kind custom yacht become a part of the Nordlund Boat Co.’s family. Our shipyard will accommodate any Nordlund Yacht owners’ needs, from yearly yard maintenance to provisioning or upgrades; we will be there.

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