Naval Engineering

First and foremost,


Form must follow function so every design is a careful study in compromise where every detail is strategically designed by licensed naval architects and engineers. Safety and stability are fundamental in ensuring performance and lifespan. Owners can have full confidence knowing that we over-build our yachts, meeting and exceeding the maritime regulation of ABYC, IMO and Lloyd’s governing bodies.

General Arrangement

Before the design of your yacht begins, the general arrangement specifies the size, rooms and layout of the yacht. Your requirements and non-negotiables are integrated into the aesthetics of the yacht resulting in a final product that is as technically sound as tailored to your way of yachting.

Efficiency in Flow

Every extra 10,000lbs results in a knot less travel speed. We extensively analyze data from weight studies, propulsion calculations, and stability and strength calculations to specify the right engine and steering system. Hullform studies once done in test tanks and now done digitally allow us to calculate laminar flow ensuring maximum efficiency in water.

System integration

We create and install systems with real world experience and strategic consideration toward specification and layout. All elements need to be accessible for maintenance while seamlessly integrated without disrupting the aesthetics of the vessel. 3D CAD modeling allows translation of the engineering files into molds for custom parts completely unique to the specific yacht.

Tim Nolan Marine Design

Naval Engineer

Tim Nolan Marine Design has over 35 years of expertise in designing a large variety of yachts, sailboats, commercial vessels as well as conversions and other marine systems. Collaboration with his team yields a full technical package including 3D computer models and specifications for all systems including power, piping, anchoring, boat handling, windows and doors. Tim Nolad and his team create the thorough and concise plans from which our yachts are built.


Each Nordlund yacht is hand-crafted and finished to the last detail in-house. Our talented and experienced fabricators have the expertise to execute large-scale, complex projects.

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