Machine &
Metal Shop

Expert Marine Fabricators

The Nordlund metal shop technicians are highly skilled with decades of experience in designing and crafting custom metal parts, ready for the marine environment.

Metal Constructions

Our fabricators and welders are integral to our own custom yacht builds and are experts in producing the needed metal structures for repair and refit projects.

Custom Parts

The Nordlund metal shops are outfitted with necessary digital milling machines as well as hand tools to produce any needed component in-house.

Stainless Steel & Aluminum Fabrication

From extremely intricate bow rails, to stainless stanchions for hardtop supports down to crafting our own drain covers, these handcrafted elements add to the durability, value and uniqueness of the vessel. Our highly capable machine shop creates high quality stainless steel and aluminum parts for our own custom built Nordlunds as well as for refit or repair projects.

Architectural Fabrications

The Nordlund Machine shop has extensive expertise in fabricating structural elements like engine beds and motor mounts. We even create our own fuel tanks, fuel cells and water tanks in house. Our machine shop is equipped with CNC, multi-access routing, and bending machines as well as different welding technologies.

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