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Nordlund ownership

Nordlund Boats are built to take on big adventures and last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Every boat is delivered with extensive documentation of all systems. Manuals are provided for every element with the relevant serial numbers logged. We stand behind every vessel we put on the water and have a relationship with each client.

Spare Parts and Provisioning

Every boat has a list of recommended spare parts depending on the planned usage. We equip each boat with spare parts for everything we deem a consumable and every department head provides the owner with recommendations they feel should be on board.

Yearly Yard Period

Every yacht has a yearly yard period where the major maintenance is conducted. Our owners benefit from the advantage of having their Yacht services by experts completely familiar with their vessel.

Engine & System Warranties

Warranties for the engines and systems come directly from the manufacturers and our meticulous documentation makes reporting claims simple.

Service your Nordlund

To schedule your Nordlunds yearly yard period, start a refit project or for any needed repairs contact our team for assistance.

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