Refit & Repairs

Extend the life of your Yacht

Our refit/retrofit service allows owners to continue to enjoy their boat in modern comfort. From refreshing your interior design to updating systems, refit and retrofit is a practical way to extend the usage and value of your yacht.

Tailored to your needs

Over time, if owners change the way they use their boat or need easier access due to mobility limitations, the existing boat can be fully reimagined or adapted by our naval architect and workshops.

Updating older Nordlunds

Nordlund boats are built to last a lifetime. For those purchasing a used Nordlund refitting is a cost effective way to achieve a highly custom boat.

Additions and Modifications

As custom yacht builders, our shipyard is capable of executing sophisticated structural modifications. From full to-the-hull demolition and rebuilds to changing the general arrangement, our refit service will transform your old boat to your new vision.

Updating systems and equipment

Updating the electrical and systems and equipment improves the safety, and efficiency of older vessels. Our Naval Electrical Engineers assess the needs of your boat and implement upgrades that will optimize its performance.

Naval Interior Design

A new interior is a great way to personalize a used yacht or continue the enjoyment of your current one. Great boats outlive trends. Our interior designers can update and elevate the living spaces, so that you and your guests can enjoy your time aboard in comfort and style.

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